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Visual Development. 3D. Motion. I love art in general, drawing, and painting is what comes natural to me. Please take a few to check out my work. Thanks.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sketch Book 2

I hope you all enjoyed Sketch Book 1. The sketches continue. This Sketch Book will display a range from concepts to finished illustrations. All feed back is welcome, as I am only trying to explore my art development. Thanks. I hope you all Enjoy.

What would it look like if an alien race began falling from the sky? You never asked yourself that? This is The Simaen Cometh... Concept and Final Render.

Iraqi Layout Design...

Someday... I hope to be working from here.

Soft Brush Speed Paint...

The Desat Series....

Speed Painting...

These are continued from Sketch Book 1 with a little color action.

Sketch Book 1

This is the entire Sketch Book 1. I figured I would start out with my older drawings and sketches.......I hope you enjoy.

Blog On!

It has been quite some time. Two blogs in the making. The first being CKH3D, which is my 3D art and motion. The second one being CKH2D, which will be all of my art. In all that encompasses me as an 2D artist. I am going to start with my old art ranging from Conceptual/ Illustration/ Graphic/ and Matte Paintings and see where it goes from there. I just want to show the feel of my work, and take it to the new to see where I am heading with my art. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy.