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Visual Development. 3D. Motion. I love art in general, drawing, and painting is what comes natural to me. Please take a few to check out my work. Thanks.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Telluride Series.....

These are prints that will be sold soon in Telluride only at Cindy Bread. It is an amazing organic bread store owned by my brother. They also have a cafe where they do really great breakfast and lunches. If you ever pass through Telluride stop by the shop and pay a visit to my brother Johannes. As for the art, the first piece I did was for Autumn. After living in Telluride myself for quite some time, I just felt the need to create something for a place so inspiring.

Faust arp.

I wanted to animate a concept that I did to Radiohead's song entitled Faust arp for the competition that they had for In Rainbows. Well I had no time, and wanted to post Faust and his cat Spaced. In time this is still one project that I will keep up on. So here is the turn around and the 3D model will be up soon. Enjoy.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sketch Book 3

I am starting a new sketch book. I have several pieces in the works, and all in order when I get time, sparingly! I will be starting off with a couple of concepts that I have been wanting to draw for a while now. They are going to range from comic, animation, to personal, and personal motion ideas... I will start posting soon.
This is a peak at Sam Guthrie...

Norwegian Song Matte

A self promotional matte painting, The Norwegian Song. This is an old animated matte painting of mine. The clouds and mountains are painted entirely with two basic Photoshop brushes. The clouds was actually a study that took three days to paint and animate. Free time... The sculpture is 3D recreate from a structure in Norway, with textures applied in Photoshop, which I then re lit the scene. I finished the animation in After Effects thanks to import the entire PSD file. I am only posting the still for now, for I want to re visit the old animation and breakdown to show on the 3D blog.

Franklin Mountains

Painting some more mountains...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bird of Prey...

Since I am on the vector kick. I wanted to share another Illustrator concept. This is a concept I start working on with Dung Tien Le from 2 to Design, in Atlanta. It is just a start for a 3D/ Motion piece. More to post soon. Enjoy.

Biohazard....The Tree and The Mask

Another graphic piece. Though with maybe a little more thought provoking than the previous. I have just been in that mode lately to crank out Illustrator work. I think it is because of vector artist Ragnar. Very inspirational.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Grey Matter

Using the Cintiq with Illustrator is starting to making me appreciate the program more and more. This is one in a three part series of Illustrator art.
"Unlock your Grey Matter for someday it may matter..."- Deltron 3030.

Animated Schmoltz....

The Infinite Adventures of Schmoltz Schmukatelly.... Self promo Illustrator based Flash Animation...

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Fashion.Fashion. New Wacom, and felt like drawing something nice. Enjoy.